Team Inspyr understands that contract transitions can be a time of uncertainty and are often stressful for an incumbent workforce. We are committed to making the transition process from SESDA IV to SESDA V as quick and hassle-free as possible. Our team has first-hand experience overcoming transition challenges on contracts of similar size and scope at GSFC and other NASA Centers. We hope these frequently asked questions (FAQs) will give you a better idea of who we are and the employment process we use.

Inspyr Space (Inspyr) is a Joint Venture (JV) created to focus exclusively on satisfying the requirements of the NASA SESDA V and NOAA ProTech Satellite contracts. The Inspyr JV is comprised of Analytical Mechanics Associates (AMA), a midsize business with a stellar record supporting NASA for nearly 60 years, and Lynker, a premier provider of science and IT support to NOAA, NSF, and the Department of Education.

Please submit your online application as soon as possible through Inspyr’s SESDA V website (insert URL here).  The sooner you provide us with your information, the more quickly we can contact you and begin our dialogue for a position on the SESDA V contract.


The SESDA V contract will be managed as an integrated team.

  • Our approach does not require that personnel in a functional area or customer organization all be employed by one company.
  • Staff allocations across teammate organizations are being worked out based on each company’s core capabilities, teaming agreements, and actual Task Orders issued by GSFC.

The selection has not been made yet. Should Team Inspyr be successful, our current transition schedule is:

  • Launch SESDA V Web site: TBD
  • Receive resumes/applications from SESDA V incumbent employees: TBD
  • Open House –Initial: TBD
  • Open House – Follow-up: TBD
  • Start of official phase-in: TBD
  • One-on-one discussions: TBD
  • Offers extended: TBD
  • Employee orientation: TBD
  • Contract Start date: TBD

Please continue to monitor the web site for any further development and updates.

Team Inspyr will use our SESDA V Transition Website as the primary means to keep you fully aware of transition activities. Additionally, you may contact our Transition Team at the e-mail address listed below:

  • SESDA V Transition Web site: insert URL here
  • Emails: insert e-mail address here

We are committed to maintaining your current salary during your transition from the SESDA IV to the SESDA V contract.

Team Inspyr will address this issue after the contract start date. Please communicate this information during your one-on-one discussion.

The entire Inspyr Team is committed to honoring incumbent employees’ years of service on the current and predecessor contracts in relation to benefits and leave accrual purposes.

During one-on-one discussions, you will meet individually with a member of the Team Inspyr SESDA V Transition Team.

  • This is an opportunity to discuss your current role and your role on the SESDA V contract, to have your questions or concerns addressed, and for us to further describe Team Inspyr’s organizations, management approach, and transition details.
  • This discussion will also provide us with the information (salary, seniority, job title, certifications, etc.), we would need to extend a formal job offer to you, and will help us to understand the tasks that you support.

One-on-one discussions will be held at the SESDA V Transition Team office, located at TBD, or virtually depending on your location.  As soon as you complete the online application and submit your resume, someone from Team Inspyr will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your appointment. Our process is very simple: the more quickly you complete the online application and submit your resume, the more quickly we will be able to schedule your one-on-one discussion and follow-up with a potential employment offer.

Team Inspyr will coordinate with all incumbent staff regardless of location. We encourage you to contact us to let us know who you are by completing the application and resume submission process on the SESDA V Web site.

Yes. We understand that you and your family may already have scheduled vacations or other leave during the transition period or early part of the SESDA V contract. Our goal is to work individually with employees who have special circumstances and make every effort to accommodate their situations.

Team Inspyr has leave policies that allow employees to take time off in advance of leave accrual with management approval. Employees may also choose to take leave without pay. We encourage you to work with your new manager to identify a solution that works for everyone.

Team Inspyr also needs to ensure that the customer has required coverage for each Task Order on Day One of the contract.

It is very important that you contact TBD as soon as possible. We will work with your current employer to ensure a smooth transition. The Inspyr Team has extensive experience with visa processes and will do everything to make sure that your ability to continue to work will not be at risk.

Team Inspyr will be located TBD. Our SESDA V Transition Team will have members of the team available to address your questions Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00AM and 6:00PM Eastern time. At any time, if you have a question, you may also contact any of the Points of Contact on the transition Web site.